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— August 26, 2009

This month marks the official end to the QuadCommerce version 1.x stores.  We have just completed the upgrade of the last round of 1.x stores to the latest version of QuadCommerce.

Once a work horse in the QuadCommerce ecommerce services offered, it is now time to put Version 1.x out to pasture.  1.x has been end of life for development for years and has been surpassed by the version 2.x series.  Even 2.x is getting long in the tooth and we are recommending that store owners start planning on the move up to  the latest 3.x versions which are being actiely suppoted and continually developed..

As you can see in the charts, four years ago 1.x  was a major slice of QuadCommerce pie. Today its now a fond ecommerce memory.  (note: These charts only show Quadsimia hosted stores.  While it does show beta releases, it does  not show custom coded QC solution stores -.)

As QuadCommerce evolves, your ecommerce store can too!   Each release works better and has more ecommerce features than the last.    Remember, with QuadCommerce behind your ecommerce store updates are free and uprades are usually just a nominal data migration charge. 

Contact us to see how easily we can get your QuadCommerce store upgraded to the lastest version.

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Posted August 26th, 2009 by QC Dev Team


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