Ecommerce Check Out : iPhone ShopKeeper for QuadCommerce

Ecommerce Worth Checking Out

.. the iPhone ShopKeeper !

Who is minding the ecommerce store when you aren't there? You are - with the new iPhone ShopKeeper. QuadCommerce now supports the mobile ecommerce store manager. QC offers an optimized web interface for the Apple iPhone. This streamlined version lets you keep updated with how your ecommerce store is doing when you're out of the office, on the road, on vacation, ... well, you get the idea ...

  • Uses same secure login as standard ShopKeeper
  • Admin role specific
  • SSL encrypted data connection
  • Customizable Reports
  • Order Reports
  • Traffic Reports
  • Product Statistics
  • Category Statistics
  • Cart Statistics
  • Search Statistics
  • Referer Statistics
  • Product Catalog*
  • Customer Center*
  • Order Pipeline*
  • Store Settings*
  • Store Status
  • General Info (license)


Check out screenshots of the iPhone ShopKeeper.


Developers Notes

The iPhone ShopKeeper is still in beta development. The reports and statistics are completed and ready to roll out. Other features(*) will be added in as soon as they are completed. Check back here for the latest developments and news on this QuadCommerce feature.

The reports give snapshots into current (live) and previous store data. Each report can be customized by a period of analysis. Current period ranges include: Yesterday, Today, Last Week, This Week, Previous Month, Current Month, Last Year, and This Year.

The Product Catalog will allow product search and retrieval showing current product info and pricing.

Order Pipeline will show orders being worked on in your ecommerce store from the moment customers place orders until you process and ship it to them.

Customer Center will offer store managers customer account reviews and a convenient way to easily communicate with a customer.

Store Settings allow for full control of the store's configuration. (example: Setting the Store Greeting message.)

Store Front

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