Ecommerce Demo

To showcase the capabilities & features of QuadCommerce, Quadsimia has set up on-line demonstrations stores of the software. The first demonstration is simply known as the online "Demo Store." We plan to add more demo stores in the future.

The Demo Store

The Demo Store is an online demonstration of the e-commerce software, QuadCommerce. The demo allows a customer to browse categories & products, search the store catalog, place orders, check/track order status, create/update/delete their own customer account, retrieve lost passwords, and use express checkout within the store.

It is a fully-functional QuadCommerce store in every way except that there is no way to place a real order.

Feel free to test it out without worrying if your credit card will be charged!

The Demo Store contains a catalog with a wide variety of categories (both products and services) to give you an idea of how QuadCommerce might be used for your own business.
  • Store: The Demo Store
  • URL:
  • Description: demo store with a wide variety of categories.
  • Status: fully-functional store except for real credit card transactions.

The ShopKeeper

The ShopKeeper allows you, the store manager, to completely control your QuadCommerce store. Everything from configuring the color, graphics design, & look of the pages to creating and updating your product catalog, prices, & inventories, to processing orders, checking your store's statistics & e-mailing your customers.

Your store's admin interface has restricted access with a valid account required to authenticate and use it. Therefore, to use this demo, you will have to contact us for a temporary store manager account.

The ShopKeeper demo will show you how easy and powerful it is to use QuadCommerce to maintain your own business's on-line store.
  • Store: The ShopKeeper
  • URL: e-mail us for demo account/password.
  • Description: admin interface for the demo store.
  • Status: fully-functional admin interface for complete administration of the Demo Store.
Mind the Store

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