New Software and Support Plans & Pricing — February 25, 2009

QuadCommerce had updated its product pricing and support plans.

The ecommerce software is now available as part of:

  1. Managed Solution Plans - these plans take the headache of maintaining your own hardware and software out of the equation. Quadsimia manages the stuff behind the scenes, so you can focus on managing your online store. Managed Solutions are a recurring charge. Discounts are available.
  2. Client hosted Plan - our newest plans that allow you to run ecommerce off of your own servers.  There is a one-time licensing fee for the software. Support is still available as an option if you host your own ecommerce.

Plan Details and Ecommerce Software Pricing  are updated here.


The Support offerings have also been updated. Click here to view support pricing and information.

Mobile Ecommerce

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