QC Version 3.2 Released — December 20, 2008

version 3.2.0 - build 2008-12-20

New Features

  • Allow house orders to be placed with no payment information (placed on HOLD)
  • Improved usability of SK house add/update order screens
  • Implemented price/shipping/other charge overrides in SK house order update screen
  • Added "Save as Quote" option to house SK order screen
  • Added "Email Customer Invoice" tab to SK order screen
  • Added "Showcase" Deals box template
  • Improved payment handling: simplified DB tables and payment-processing SK interface

Bug Fixes & Optimizations

  • Fix "residential" flag being overwritten when non-UPS carriers are enabled
  • Prevent spaces from counting toward engraving prices
  • Order totals now update when customer adds engraving (via web site)
  • Fixed broken SK "copy order" function
  • Fixed broken customer preference saving on store checkout
  • Fixed missing < input > elements on SK customer preferences display
  • Fixed bug with processing APO/FPO addresses

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