QC Version 3.3 Released — March 13, 2009

version 3.3.0 - build 2009-03-13

New Features

  • Better Customer Account Export & Create/Visit Date Filters
  • Streamline Pipeline Manager Screen
  • Expanded Credit Capabilities (Authorize.NET)
  • Tax override controls for tax exempt customers and SK updates
  • Export Customer Data filter by Visit Date Range
  • Additional Image Toggle in ShopKeeper Products for speed
  • Admin capability to go back and Update Orders already Approved
  • New Report - All Payments for Credit Cards, Purchase Orders, Check/Money Orders
  • Sell Products in Intervals (ex: product can only be purchased 10 at a time, …)
  • Support for Address Verification System (AVS) on gateway (Authorize.NET)
  • Partial Payments and Credits via merchant gateways
  • Better Report Formatting for date and monetary values
  • Naster toggle checkbox for SK order displays

Bug Fixes & Optimizations

 see the QuadCommerce ChangeLog for the complete list of changes in version 3.3.

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