Dev Team Launches Ecommerce Blog complete with RSS/Atom News Feed — August 30, 2006

The QuadCommerce Development team has begun an ecommerce blog on its QuadCommerce website. The "Ecommerce QC Blog" is intended to get information about ecommerce tools, practices, tips and lessons learned to our clients and others interested in ecommerce technologies. The QC Dev Team works daily with a significant cross-section of the ecommerce realm. As software developers for ecommerce applications, supporters of clients who manage their own ecommerce solutions, and (of course) ecommerce customers ourselves, we often see problems and solutions from several different perspectives. Our goal for the blog is to help find and present relevant information on ecommerce for our readers. Feedback is encouraged! You can find the blog here . News Feeds are also available in RSS/Atom format for readers who wish view the blog with an RSS reader or Aggregator program.

Ecommerce QC Blog

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