General Overview

QuadCommerce is an e-commerce solution developed by Quadsimia. Our software is designed to be simple and straightforward to use for both customers and your online store managers. The goal is to making it as easy as possible to buy and sell using QuadCommerce.

Don't let its ease of use mislead you into thinking that its not powerful. QuadCommerce is powerful! Do some research on the Internet. We know you won't find a more comprehensive ecommerce solution at a more cost effective price.

Build a product catalog, run sales and promotions, send customers emailings, feature products with hot and new deals, capture real-time payments with a merchant gateway, give customers live shipping quotes and ability to track their orders when shipped, track your own inventory, generate performance reports, .. these are just some of the features you can have with your online store using QuadCommerce.

In fact, QuadCommerce is built with over 500 ecommerce features and the Features List continues to grow with each release of the software.

New in Version 3 : House Orders : Use QuadCommerce as a Point-of-Sale device and place orders for customers when they enter your business or call on the phone!

QuadCommerce is designed to be secure to protect confidential customer, order, and payment information. Information is encrypted and transmitted over the Internet using industry-standard Secure Socket Layers and encrypted for storage in the store's database. Finally, all accounts for both customers and store managers are password protected and user authenticated at login time. Additional security layers may also be implemented as needed.

QuadCommerce scales easily to support businesses looking to sell only a few products up to corporations that maintain inventories of tens of thousands of products and require multiple servers to process all their orders.

This website contains detailed information on QuadCommerce to help answer questions you may have on our ecommerce solution.


Please contact us at Quadsimia to see how your business can use our software to reach new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones.

Global Market

Reach customers beyond your store's geographical location!