Customer Overview

From your customer's perspective, here is how QuadCommerce works.

Customers need only a web browser (like Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or you get the idea&any web browser) to access your QuadCommerce store via the World Wide Web.

Customers browse through your categories of products or can search (both store-wide and category-specific) for products matching key words that they type in. Product summariesdisplay to customers brief descriptions and thumbnail images of products. Customers can select any summary to get more detailed information and larger, more detailed, images of products. When customers find a product they are interested in purchasing, they add the item to their shopping carts and continue to shop. Products can also be cross-promoted so customers looking at one product will see others related to it or that other customers also purchased.

Items can be updated or removed from the shopping carts any time prior to checking out of the store. When customers are finished shopping, they proceed to checkout of the store and place their orders. As part of the checkout process, customers have a store account automatically created for them to allow them to track their orders and use "express checkout" on subsequent visits to your store. Customers connect to your QuadCommerce store via a secure data connection during checkout.

When the order is submitted, the information is captured, encrypted, and stored in a database for you, the store manager, to process. If real-time credit card transactions are enabled, QuadCommerce automatically connects to a merchant service that captures and transfers funds from the customers' bank accounts to your bank account. Customers are presented with a receipt page to print for their own records. An e-mail receipt is also automatically sent to customers immediately after placing orders. Customers will receive additional e-mails when you process their orders; keeping them informed of its status.

First-time customers will also get sent an e-mail with their new account login and password. This account allows customers to take advantage of express checkouts on return visits to your store. Customer accounts allow customers to track the status of their orders, when its being shipped, and receive optional sales and discount code information from your store.

Customers can easily access their store accounts to set their store preferences, review their order history, and keep their information correct and up to date.


Ecommerce Advantage

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