Store Manager (ShopKeeper) Overview

From your point of view, as the online store manager's perspective, here is how QuadCommerce works.

A store manager is someone who has administrative privileges for your QuadCommerce store. In most cases this may be you or can even be several people at your business. Store managers can configure and design the look of the store, set and change the store's policies, add/remove/update products and categories from the store catalog, and process customer orders.

Store Managers need only a web browser to securely connect to your QuadCommerce store's admin control panel (aka the ShopKeeper) via the World Wide Web. This means you can be managing your ecommerce store from work, at home, or even on the road.

Each store manager can have different roles assigned to them.This controls what functionality and what information they have available to them within the ShopKeeper. For example, you can create a product manager role that is responsible for the product catalog, promotions, and pricing and you can have another store manager role that is responsible for making the HTML and image changes to the store pages. Each will only have access to the information it needs to perform its job. Of course, you can always setup roles that have access to everything.

From the ShopKeeper, you can update all aspects of your stores including; creating store page templates, build a product catalog, setup sales and promotions, process orders, and access your customer database. Most changes can be made simply by selecting different values from the forms on each of the ShopKeeper screens.

First thing you would do is configure the initial settings of your store so that your store matches exactly how you want to do business online. These settings set store information, define store manager roles, create a theme (look) for your store's pages, setup store policies and where emails go, decide on what forms of payment to take and how to process them, and select shipping and sales tax options. Once set, these don't ever have to be set again unless your business changes and you need to change them.

Once the store is configured, the store managers can create categories and products for the on-line catalog. Products and categories can be updated and removed at anytime using the ShopKeeper. This gives store managers the ability to make instantaneous changes to your store (change price of a product, change the availability of a product, create a new sale or promotion,

One of the most powerful features, and most overlooked, of the catalog management module is that it allows store managers to add attributes to products. Attributes are properties, (like color and size) that describe the product and allow a customer to select variations of products. A product can have no attributes, a single attribute, or an unlimited number of attributes.

When a customer places an order in the on-line store, the store managers will receive an automatic e-mail notification of the order. This saves you time from unnecessarily having to check the ShopKeeper for new orders! You then log in to the ShopKeeper to retrieve the full details of the orders and process them.

New in Version 3 : House Orders : Use QuadCommerce as a Point-of-Sale device and place orders for customers when they enter your business or call on the phone!

House orders allow you to take orders right in your store or over the phone when speaking to the customer. These are similar to the web orders that customers place except that the screens are incorporated right into the ShopKeeper.

The ShopKeeper will keep your customers informed with notification emails every step of the way.

The ShopKeeper will provide you with tools to target segments and contact your customer database. Maybe you want to send a discount code to give customers 10% off on their next order or tell them about a new product offering. You can do all that with QuadCommerce.

Finally, QuadCommerce has built in reports which let you know what products are selling which ones aren't, who are your biggest customers, what are customers looking at or searching for on your website, and sales reports.

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